Online HIITNRIDE Instructor Course


Online HIITNRIDE Instructor Course


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Welcome to the HIITNRIDE Instructor Training Program, where we empower you to become a skilled and effective HIITSPIN instructor. This online course is designed to equip you with the essential knowledge and expertise needed to lead dynamic and engaging HIITNRIDE sessions. You have the flexibility to access the training at your own convenience, allowing you to progress through the material at your own pace.

Module 1: Introduction to HIITSPIN and HIITNRIDE
– Overview of HIITSPIN philosophy
– Understanding the structure and benefits of HIITNRIDE
– Importance of high-intensity interval training in spin classes

Module 2: Bike Set Up
– Proper bike adjustment for participants
– Bike customization based on individual needs
– Ensuring safety and comfort during the ride

Module 3: Pedalling Technique
– Fundamentals of effective pedalling
– Different pedalling styles and their impact
– Correcting common pedalling mistakes

Module 4: Common Mistakes and Safety Protocols
– Identifying and addressing common participant mistakes
– Implementing safety protocols during the workout
– Emergency procedures and risk management

Module 5: Learning the Exercises
– Introduction to key HIITSPIN exercises
– Understanding exercise variations and modifications
– Incorporating exercises into HIITNRIDE sessions

Module 6: Delivering the Workout
– Crafting effective HIITNRIDE workouts
– Developing class structure and progression
– Cueing and motivating participants
– Music integration for an engaging workout experience

– Quizzes after each module to reinforce learning
– Practical assessments for bike setup and pedalling techniques
– Video submissions for demonstrating exercise knowledge and delivery skills
– Final comprehensive assessment covering all aspects of HIITNRIDE instruction

Upon successful completion of the course and assessments, you will receive a certification as a HIITNRIDE Instructor. This certification demonstrates your ability to lead high-energy and effective spin classes, setting you apart as a qualified professional in the fitness industry.

Join us in revolutionizing spin classes with the HIITNRIDE Instructor Training Program! Turn up the intensity, and let’s ride towards a fitter and healthier future.

In order to complete the course to the highest level, You will need access to a PC A laptop or mobile device.

Do I need qualifications to enrol?
In order to enrol on our course, we do not require you to have any prior fitness qualification. However, some gyms may require other forms of fitness qualifications in order to teach.

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