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Online HIIT Instructor Course


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What Will You Learn?


In a world where fitness trends come and go, one method has stood the test of time for its efficiency and effectiveness: High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Our accredited Online HIIT Instructor Course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to master this powerful workout regimen. From the science behind HIIT to the art of coaching, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of what makes HIIT such a transformative fitness practice.

The course begins with an exploration of the science of HIIT. You’ll delve into the physiological principles that make HIIT so effective, learning how it impacts the cardiovascular system, metabolism, and muscle physiology. You’ll understand how interval training triggers various adaptive responses in the body, leading to improved fitness and health outcomes.

You’ll also study the biomechanics of HIIT exercises, ensuring you understand how different movements and techniques can enhance or hinder performance and safety. This foundational knowledge will help you design workouts that are both effective and safe for a wide range of participants.

Understanding the science is only part of the journey. Our course also covers the practical aspects of coaching. You’ll learn how to motivate and guide your clients through high-intensity workouts, adapting your approach to suit different fitness levels and goals. Coaching HIIT requires a unique set of skills, including the ability to inspire and push clients to their limits while ensuring they maintain proper form and technique.

You’ll explore the structure and variety of HIIT workouts, from Tabata to circuit training, and learn how to create dynamic, engaging sessions that keep your clients coming back for more. Each type of HIIT workout has its own benefits and applications, and you’ll gain the expertise to select and tailor these workouts to meet the specific needs of your clients.

The course also addresses the importance of recovery in a HIIT program. You’ll learn about the critical role of rest and recovery in preventing injury and promoting optimal performance. This includes understanding the signs of overtraining and how to incorporate effective recovery strategies into your training plans.

By the end of the course, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to become a confident, effective, and successful HIIT instructor. Whether you’re looking to start your own fitness business or add HIIT to your existing repertoire of training techniques, this course will provide you with the tools you need to help your clients reach new heights in their fitness journey.

Course Outline

Module 1: Principles of HIIT Training
– HIIT vs. steady-state cardio: the ultimate showdown
– Crafting HIIT masterpieces: interval duration, intensity, warm-ups, and cool-downs
– Client fitness assessment and goal setting

Module 2: Advanced HIIT Exercise Techniques
– Unleash the power of advanced plyometrics
– Master unilateral and multiplanar exercises
– Command compound exercises for full-body strength and conditioning
– Progress and regress common HIIT exercises

Module 3: HIIT Workout Design and Planning

– Craft epic HIIT workouts: work-to-rest ratios, exercise selection, and sequencing
– Tailor programming for diverse fitness levels and goals
– Infuse workouts with equipment and mobility-enhancing exercises

Module 4: Teaching and Coaching HIIT Workouts

– Master the art of cueing and coaching for HIIT exercises
– Create a motivating workout haven
– Expertly manage class dynamics: pacing, transitions, and time
– Conquer common challenges in HIIT classes

Module 5: Practical Application and Assessment

– Design and deliver your 20 -minute HIIT masterpiece
– Receive personalised feedback and assessment
– Showcase your knowledge in a written exam on advanced HIIT training principles

HIIT Instructor Course Assessment

Practical Assessment

This is where you shine, putting your knowledge into action and demonstrating your advanced HIIT skills. Our comprehensive evaluation process ensures you’re fully equipped for success.

You’ll complete a 20-minute practical assessment, which you will record on your phone. This can be just you delivering the workout, showcasing your ability to lead and motivate. The best part is that we provide the workout and music. All the exercises are called out in the music, allowing you to focus on being a rock star instructor.

In addition to the practical assessment, we’ve included multiple-choice quizzes at the end of each module to reinforce your learning and provide valuable insights into your progress. Each module’s quiz is designed to test your understanding of the material covered. It’s an opportunity to solidify your knowledge, identify areas where you excel, and highlight any topics that may require a bit more attention. These quizzes are your checkpoints on the road to becoming an Advanced HIIT Instructor.

So, not only will you showcase your practical skills, but you’ll also have a chance to prove your grasp of the theoretical aspects. It’s all part of our commitment to helping you reach your full potential as a top-tier HIIT instructor!

Frequently Asked Questions

What topics are covered in this Online HIIT Instructor Course?

The Online HIIT Instructor Course includes mastering the fundamentals of HIIT, advanced exercise techniques, workout design and planning, teaching and coaching methods, and a practical application and assessment module.

What types of exercises and techniques will I master in the Online HIIT Instructor Course?

You will learn advanced plyometrics, unilateral and multiplanar movements, compound exercises, and how to progress and regress common HIIT exercises to accommodate different fitness levels.

What assessment methods are used in this Online HIIT Instructor Course?

The assessment includes a practical demonstration of your HIIT skills and multiple choice quizzes at the end of each module which test your understanding of the material as well as monitor your progress as you go along.

What practical skills will I gain from taking this course?

You will gain the ability to design and deliver engaging, effective HIIT workouts, manage class dynamics, and provide coaching and feedback.

Are there payment plans available for this course?

Yes, payment plans for this Online HIIT Instructor Course are available on request.